DMRCL is focused on developing the understanding of the material and structural response, when subjected to different transient loading conditions like impact and blast. We use different experimental and numerical techniques for this purpose. Our current emphasis is on the light weight materials like high strength aluminum alloys and different types of composites. Investigations includes high strain rate events under extreme temperature conditions.


For PhD:

  1. Studying dynamic material response under wide range of temperatures [-200℃ to 200℃].
  2. Evaluation of dynamic fracture toughness under different loading rates.
  3. Numerical and experimental evaluation of structural response under bullet impact.
  4. Numerical and experimental evaluation of structural response under blast loading using shock tube.
  5. Studying fundamentals of crack propagation under mix-mode loading conditions.

For M.Tech:

  1. FE analysis of unmanned air drone body frame.
  2. FE analysis of air drone propellers.


Currently there are 5 PhD and Two M.Tech students working on different research problems.


  1. High-end workstations for computational purpose.
  2. 2D and 3D DIC (Digital Image Correlation).
  3. Ultra high speed cameras.
  4. SHPB (Split Hopkinson Pressure Bars) for high strain rate evaluation under dynamic compression and tensile loads.
  5. MPB for studying dynamic fracture toughness.
  6. Single stage gas gun.
  7. Shock tube.
  8. Temperature chambers.
  9. High resolution surface measurement system
  10. Material preparation and processing unit.